Mobile Healthcare
This service enables elderly people and people of determination who do not have access to health services to have the healthcare services in their homes. This service enhance their sense of safety and support in a family-like environment while maintaining their dignity and privacy. This service also reduces the burden on hospitals and the complications of chronic diseases.
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People of determination,Aged citizens of the UAE
  • The service is available at the following primary healthcare centers:
  • Emirate of Fujairah: Kholaybiyah Health Center, Al Faseel Family Health Promotion Centre
  • Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah: Julphar Health Center, Al Manaie Health Center, Ras Al Khaimah Health Center, Saif Bin Ali Health Center
  • Emirate of Ajman: Mushairef Health Center, Al Hamedia Health Center, Al Manama Health Center, Muzairea Health Center

Electronically , through the online channels  :

  • Register in the online channel  
  • Fill the submission form for homecare service.
  • Attached all required documents and reports  
  • Submit and wait  the reply for accepted  or not to home care program 
  • Incase of acceptance , coordination to  book  the care program schedule through website/mobile app.  , 
  • in case of rejection  , nonfiction through the portal will  be delivered  clarifying all the reasons that conflict with  service condition  , 

Through  service centers  :

  1. The required documents must be submitted to the health center that provides the service
  2. An appointment must be made for the team concerned to visit the home of the patient/service recipient to assess the situation
  3. The patient and his/her family will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of the patient along with the reasons
  4. In the event of acceptance, the patient or guardian (if not capable) must sign an acknowledgment of the home healthcare  
  5. A schedule of home visits will be determined for those accepted
  1. A valid Health Card
  2. A valid Emirates ID card
  3. A detailed medical report stating the medical condition
  4. One passport-type photo
  • Online channels
  • Service Delivery Centers

This service is restricted to UAE citizens who are eligible for the home healthcare program as follows:

  •  Those who for whom it is difficult to access health services due to problems with movement or paralysis
  •  Bedridden people who need continuous health monitoring
  •  Patients with mental and intellectual illnesses who require home healthcare
  •  The patient or his/her guardian (if not capable) must sign an acknowledgment of home healthcare services
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