1. To benefit from the service provided through the portal  , registration is required to link you with  your medical record ,
  2. To register successfully  , you should have medical record in Wareed system which means you did previous  EHS visit  clinics or hospital .
  3. Your can register either using  UAE pass , or  fill the registration form
  4. Your personal information should be accurate such as ( ID , DOB , ..,etc )  to match what exist in your medical record
  5. Registration open for patient  above 18.



This section include all categories in patient   electronic medical record as per wareed system  which divided as below sections :

  1. Patient information
  2. Allergies
  3. Measurements
  4. Medical Condition
  5. Health Maintenance
  6. Medications
  7. History
  8. Laboratory
  9. Immunization
  10. Discharge Summary
  11. Medical Report
  12. Visits


Services provided

  1. Book appointment
    • This feature allow the patient to book appointment across all EHS facilities and   choose time , date , medical service  , doctors and , facility location
    • We have 3 type of appointments patient can choose:
      • New appointment  in all primary health care centers of EHS .
      • Follow up  based on doctor request and patient medical condition .
      • Referral  to other specialized health center or hospital based on doctor request  / order  
  2. Medical  report request 
    • This service allow patient to ask for medical report  based on previous 3 months visits in EHS hospitals ,
    • Patient can submit the request  , and took  initial approval  And continue  with payment process , and once its ready from assigned physician , the soft copy will be available  through the account 
    • The validity of the generated report will be 6 month from date of issue .
    • Patient should submit by himself not in behalf  of family members
  3. Home care service
    • This service provides high-quality services to the aged and people of determination who do not have access to health services. It serves to enhance their sense of safety and support in a family-like environment while maintaining their dignity and privacy. This service also reduces the burden on hospitals and the complications of chronic diseases by following up on patients at their homes.
    • Patient can submit the request for home  care program  and attached all medical reports , get notified about program enrollment , choose first visit from medical stuff


Awareness section

Publishing all educational material that  helps patient to be aware about all  healthy information , healthy tips , and much more


Frequently asked question

This section is covering all  FAQ’s related to medical services such as  target audient  , team and conditions , fees , process to apply



This section purplish surveys   that  any  patient  can provides feedback  , comments and any suggestion about mutable topics


My notification

This section allows the patient to track all of his action such as  , appointments , pending action , lab result   , medication refill and maintenance plan