2.1. The Privacy Policy and all the terms and conditions contained therein apply to all of our websites including the official website and the internal website of Emirates Health Services (EHS).

2.2. Any information monitored during the use of the EHS websites shall be maintained with the highest degree of confidentiality and security.

2.3. Organizing the process of managing comments and responses recieved through the e-participations pages, which include blogs, and digital consultation on the website and through the official portal of Emirates Gopvernment.

2. Policy Statement:

2.10 Privacy Consideration:

2.10.1 Your personal information is preserved and not shared with any third party without your approval.

2.10.2 The EHS shall maintain strict security standards and procedures with the aim of preventing unauthorized access to your data by a third party, so it has implemented physical, electronic and administrative procedures to protect and secure the personal information we collect.

2.11 E-mail:

2.11.1 All information sent by EHS via email is information exclusively affiliated with the EHS and is sent to the person or entity to whom the email is sent only.

2.11.2 Upon receipt of an email from the EHS by mistake containing confidential or exclusive information, the EHS encourages the stakeholders to communicate immediately with it.

2.12 Application Forms:

2.12.1 When you apply for a job or inquire about a job, whether advertised via the official website of the EHS or any other channel, you shall provide us with information or data about you, such as a CV.

2.12.2 We shall have the right to use this data in the EHS to process requests from users.

2.13 Safe Use:

2.13.1 The EHS adopts systematic, technical and administrative measures in order to protect users' personal information, but there is no 100% guarantee that no data will be transmitted on the Internet or a data storage system in a completely secure manner.

2.13.2 The EHS uses the information collected in order to provide a specialized and integrated experience on the site or its affiliated websites, such as the customize content, user preferences, languages and everything that is of interest to you to make browsing the site easier and more efficient.

2.14 “Cookies”:

2.14.1 The website of the EHS uses short text files known as “Cookies" as you browse it via smartphones, tablets or PCs that can be read using a network server.

2.14.2 This type of file, which collects anonymous and non-personal data, stores your preferences and settings and assists you in the login process and analyzes the current processes on the website.

2.15 Social media:

2.15.1 Content posted via these platforms is widely accessible to others within or outside the EHS.

2.16 External links:

2.16.1 The website of the EHS contains links to other websites that have their own privacy and data protection policies that may differ from ours. So, We disclaim all responsibility for the privacy content and practices of other websites, and we advise you to refer to the privacy notifications of the concerned websites you visit.

2.17 Smart Apps:

2.17.1 The following data is saved in the smart app: Username, Mobile Noumber, Emirates ID Number, Date of Birth, Nationality and Passport Number.

2.17.2 Your data is not shared with any third party. Permissions shall be obtained from the user in order to continue and use the application.

2.18 Geolocation:

2.18.1 App of the EHS gets geolocation access permission to track the nearest diagnostic centers, and to provide your home location information to order a home vaccine for seniors.